You can pay with one of the following Payment Methods:

PayPal: with PayPal you can shop easily, free and safe online without having to enter your credit cards details or share your financial information on the website.

PayPal PayPal is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account with PayPal.

By Choosing this payment method, you can click on “PayPal Express Check Out”, or you can select “PayPal Payment Method”. Then you’ll land on PayPal website, where you can enter your PayPal Account’s e-mail and password or your credit card’s details. So you can make the payment for the order.
For every transaction made through PayPal the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal.
The amount related to the order is charged by PayPal at the time of the order.

The order paid with PayPal, before being entrusted to the Courier could be subjected, directly with PayPal, to a “verification of authenticity” (verification with which the actual ownership of the PayPal account is ascertained).

For the orders paid through Paypal the amount will be reimbursed on the original bill.